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Themes: Rustic

This is by far one of my favourite venue decor themes. If you're looking for something simple, cost effective but beautiful venue decor then this is definitely the perfect theme. The basis of rustic is very nature orientated.

Opting for simple floral centerpieces,hay bales, hessian fabrics, pallets, lace and naked cakes all work well. When it comes to colours the perfect options are Rust, Copper, Pink, Forest Green and Blush to name a few.

The rustic theme is great if you're looking to have a very D.I.Y wedding. As there are many different ways to make gorgeous centrepieces.

Mason Jars are a prime example. Simply collect used dolmio jars, bottles and sauce jars. Wash them out and cover them in hessian cord. Wrapping from the bottom to the top tightly. Then fill them with flowers a little greenery. Place them on a log slice. You can decorate the log slice with a small amount of greenery and a white candles and you're done.

Mason jars; Free (used after use) Flowers can be purchased from local store Log slice; usually £1 each from local farms or wood workshop. Also look on selling sites. Greenery; this can be found with your flower purchase Candles; Most homestores, Poundland and B&M

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